Industry experts & the trusted chemical raw material supplier in the USA & Worldwide

Established in Houston, Texas, USA, Bisley International draws on the global reach of the multinational Bisley Group, with 65 years of experience in marketing and as distributor of chemical products and high quality industrial raw materials throughout Asia Pacific, Oceania and the Middle East.

As international raw materials and chemical suppliers, our products range from Fine Industrial Chemicals for highly specialised applications, to bulk raw materials delivered in shiploads to major regional manufacturers.

Our goal is to provide a complete package of technically outstanding products, supported by proficient, responsive staff and first class logistics to a range of industries.

Our Value Proposition
We pride ourselves in our ability to add value and create synergies for our supplier and customer partners.

Our Guarantees
We believe it’s important to focus on what is most valuable to our customers and really stand by this - for the long term.

Our strategic network…
Our experienced team of logistics experts are able to track our cargo movements from factories across the globe right to our customer’s doorstep, whilst keeping all stakeholders informed with up to date information.

Bisley International is supported by the Bisley Group, with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Global chemical sourcing is also supported through our network of offices in the UAE, Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia and USA.

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Our Strategic Network