What is benzoic acid used for in industry?

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Benzoic acid is a transparent organic compound belonging to the carboxylic acid category. The mixture derives its name from gum benzoin, initially its only source. The acid is naturally found in plants and aids in biosynthetic processes. You can find this organic compound in apples, prunes, yogurts, and others. In the industrial setting, benzoic acid is used as a food preservative. Also, there are many other uses of this compound, as explored below:

Food preservation

Sodium benzoate is a form of benzoic acid which is critical in food preservation. The compound aids in the preservation of soft drinks and fruit juices. Because it inhibits the growth of microorganisms like bacteria, food processing industries use the compound to help in food preservation.

Use in the ointment

The presence of microbes on the skin can cause multiple infections. When making ointment, benzoic acid is one of the compounds to use. It works closely with salicylic acid to heal skin itchiness and burning caused by fungal contamination.


Benzoic acid is one of the compounds that manufacturers of cosmetic products use. It has moisturizing and antioxidant properties. The antioxidant qualities in aromatic carboxylic acid help minimize free radicals that damage the skin.

Due to its preservative property, you can find the compound in products like lipsticks and creams. As a preservative, the compound controls pH levels and retains the integrity of components.

Pharmaceutical application

When manufacturing drugs, benzoic acid is used as a preservative. The compound is present in different bath, baby, and skin products. It is used as an antimicrobial stabilizer, fungicide, and capsule lubricant.

Benzoic acid is used when making phenol

Phenol is one of the chemicals available in various products, such as mouthwashes, body perfumes, and toothpaste. Benzoic acid plays a critical role during the preparation of phenol. You can convert benzoic acid to phenol by changing it to sodium benzoate. You’ll obtain phenol when you heat the sodium benzoate at 240 ºC in the presence of air and catalyst.

Used as a precursor for manufacturing many organic compounds

Benzoate acid is a component in multiple beauty products. The compound is also used as a precursor to making benzoyl chloride, which is used to make other products, such as body sprays, fungicides, and drugs. It’s also an essential ingredient when manufacturing insect repellants and paints. Also, the compound is ideal in multiple greases and oils.

How to prepare industrial benzoic acid?

On a large scale, you can prepare benzoic acid by incorporating air during the oxidation of toluene. Manufacturers of the compound use manganese to quicken the process. The process can be laborious and requires experienced professionals.

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