What is Calcium Nitrite used for in concrete?

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Calcium nitrite is represented by Ca(NO2)2 formula. Like other nitrites, calcium nitrites have nitrogen in the +3 oxidation state. Regarding physical properties, calcium nitrite is an odorless compound with white grains. In the concrete industry, calcium nitrite is mainly used to inhibit corrosion and acts as an antifreeze. This blog dives deep into the use of nitrite in concrete.

Corrosion Inhibition

In the building industry, steel is embedded in concrete to boost the strength of the construction. However, steel is prone to corrosion, a process that can be accelerated by water.

Without preventive measures, steel in concrete is likely to deteriorate and eventually lose its power. There are multiple compounds, including sodium nitrite and sodium benzoate, that you can use to prevent rusting.

But calcium nitrite is the most effective due to its various properties. The compound is compatible with concrete elements. Furthermore, nitrite particles inhibit the movement of ferrous particles from corrosive sections. The mixture creates a protective layer on steel surfaces that acts as a barrier against rusting compounds.


The ideal temperature for retaining concrete hydration is 5°C. When the temps reduce, measures should be taken to prevent a reduction in hydration speed.

Thus, precautionary measures need to be observed during cold weather to prevent concrete from freezing. Low temperatures during finishing and curing slow the finishing and strengthening process.

Furthermore, frozen concrete’s strength decreases by over 50%, and its life span will be highly reduced. Again, cyclic exposure of concrete to freezing and melting temps during winter and summer, respectively, sets the stage for rapid deterioration.

The freezing effects on concrete can be prevented by using antifreeze compounds. Currently, there are multiple antifreeze compounds that you can use. However, you can achieve high-quality results if you use calcium nitrite. Besides preventing concrete from freezing, calcium nitrite quickens cement hydration because of its high solubility. Its antifreeze properties enable it to facilitate the hydration of chemicals in cement.

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Calcium nitrite is an essential compound in the construction industry. Besides antifreeze qualities, the mixture has corrosion-inhibiting properties. As a corrosion inhibitor, calcium nitrite helps prevent rust in concrete-embedded steel. Prevention of steel from corrosion extends the life span of the construction.

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