Dry-mix Mortar

Dry-mix Mortar | Bisley International

Applications for Facades, Flooring, Tiles, Concrete Repair & Reinforcement, Industrial Grouts.

Bisley’s involvement with the Dry-mix industry extends over twenty years. We have concentrated on developing a suite of products tailored for established and emerging dry-mix applications. Bisley continues to seek out innovation in this sector and our comprehensive dry-mix raw materials range now covers binders, accelerators, retarders, functional fillers, fibers, viscosity modifying additives and more.

Bisley is proud to serve manufacturers of self- levelling floors, ceramic tile adhesives, industrial grouts, repair and patching mortars, decorative concrete, GFRC and floor polishing / densification / sealing sectors.

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    Cement Binders, Specialty Cements & Supplementary Cementitious Materials



    Other Dry-mix Additives


    Thixotropic Agents & Viscosity Modifying Additives

    Functional Fillers

    Calcium Sulfate / Plaster

    Water Reducers / Superplasticizers