Epoxy Curing Agents

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If you develop products for protective coatings, finding solutions to enhance performance and efficiency for your customers can be challenging. Therefore, you need to find a reliable and trusted supplier like Bisley International to ensure a constant supply of top-shelf epoxy curing agents for epoxy flooring, paints and coatings, and other applications. Epoxy curing agents for resins comprise a set of high-performance curing agents that react exothermically to harden the epoxy mass.

Epoxy Curing Agents for Paints & Coatings

A curing agent is a substance that participates in a chemical reaction with polymer, pre-polymer, and oligomer surfaces to promote bonding and harden the material surface. The curing agent gets absorbed by the reaction and is integrated into the film’s three-dimensional structure, contributing to the substance’s mechanical and chemical properties. 

Typically, there are different choices of epoxy curing agents for paints and coatings. However, the results for each curing agent are unlimited and can be optimized to many of the coating systems. Therefore, the most critical part of working with curing agents is choosing the most appropriate option. That way, you’ll be able to achieve a high-quality paint or coating.

Usually, curing agents can be used as powder coatings, waterborne coatings, radiation curing coatings, or solvent-borne coatings. The most common agents used in paints and coating formulations include amines, silanes, amides, isocyanates, and other curing agents like mercapto and aziridine compounds.

Curing Agents for Epoxy Flooring

Today, epoxy is increasingly becoming a popular flooring choice for residential, industrial, and commercial applications. These coatings generally come as a 2-part system containing part A- resin and part B- hardener. Along with the curing agent, special additives such as UV inhibitors, accelerators, flow control, and adhesion promoters are added to build coatings to optimize various flooring applications.

Moreover, with these specialty additives, you can create unique and top-performing epoxy floor coatings to attain a range of desired performance features like higher chemical resistance, decreased curing time, lower or high viscosity, increased abrasion resistance and more.

Similarly, decorative quartz aggregate, glitter, vinyl flakes, and various pigments are added to the floor resins to enhance aesthetic and high-performance characteristics. You can also add aggregate sand blends like broadcast and slurry to the epoxy to create a more durable, thicker, non-slip flooring system. Epoxy flooring is versatile and can be applied for various aesthetic and performance characteristics.

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