Floor Treatments

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Densifiers, Sealers, Curing Agents, Polishing Aids, and Specialty Flooring Treatments for hard surfaces such as concrete, polishable toppings, stone, terrazzo and a variety of other surfaces.

Raw materials range from reactive binders, silicates, colloidal silica, silanes, siliconates, and silicon emulsions to polymer chemistries. All commonly used in formulating densification, finishing, polishing, cleaning, curing, protecting and maintaining hard surfaces.

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    Silicates and Lithium Based Products

    Colloidal Silicas

    Polyaspartic Resins and Polyurethane Products

    Specialty Cements

    Silanes and Siliconates

    Acrylic Emulsions

    Bisley supplies a wide range of acrylic emulsions for a variety of applications.

    Acrylic Emulsions

    Epoxy Resin Products

    Bisley supplies a wide range of epoxy resins, hardeners and fillers for a variety of applications.

    Epoxy Resin Products