How Do You Use Lithium Silicate?

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How Do You Use Lithium Silicate? | Bisley International

When it comes to concrete floor treatment, lithium silicate is the leading concrete densifier with multiple uses. In fact, lithium silicates have increasingly gained popularity in the recent past compared to sodium and potassium silicates. But if you haven’t used lithium silicate before, you might be wondering how it’s used. Still, you don’t need to worry; this guide discusses all you need to know about lithium silicate and its applications.

What is Lithium Silicate?

Lithium silicate is a chemical compound used on concrete surfaces to enhance durability, strength, and longevity. When applied to the floor, it penetrates the surface and reacts with free lime particles (through alkali-silica reaction) to help protect the concrete from damage. Generally, lithium silicate results from the combination of silica (SiO2) and lithium oxide (Li2O) in varying proportions.

If you’re unsure where to get your lithium silicate densifier from, visit the Bisley International website today for high-quality products. We understand that quality and high performance are the critical factors to achieving successful concrete densification. As such, our concrete sealers are incredibly effective and can be applied to any type of polished concrete floor.

Properties of Our Lithium Silicate

  • It has high binding and film-forming properties.
  • It can be combined with sodium silicates and potassium silicates to improve their refractory properties.
  • It is a high ratio and low viscosity solution.
  • Unlike sodium & potassium silicates, lithium silicate is less soluble, experiences less desalting effects, and is less alkaline.

How do Lithium Silicates Work?

Like other silicates such as sodium, magnesium, and potassium, lithium reacts with calcium hydroxide, the primary byproduct of cement hydration, to produce calcium silicate hydrate. This newly formed compound settles in pores and canals to provide the much-needed strength to the concrete surface.

How is Silicate Solution Applied to Concrete Floors?

One of the reasons to consider using lithium densifier over other silicates is probably its easy application. Unlike the other silicates, where you have to saturate the floor with silicates, lithium requires a light spray on the slab. It also leaves no residue, saving you the clean-up time. Also, lithium has a higher chemical reaction which means you don’t need to scrub it to the surface to force the reaction.

The application process is pretty simple and easy to follow. First, you have to spray the silicate solution upon the surface and evenly distribute the densifier to ensure even absorption. We recommend combining lithium silicate treatment with appropriate grinding and polishing systems for concrete floors for better results.

Uses of Lithium Silicate Densifier on Concrete

Lithium silicate densifier can be used on concrete floors in;

  • Chemical processing facilities
  • Sewage plants
  • Industrial plants
  • Storage silos
  • High-floor traffic areas like hospitals, sports arenas, civic centers, airports, and more


If you’re looking for a lithium silicate densifier for your upcoming project, we recommend that you get in touch with us at Bisley International. We care about our customers, and that is why we provide high-quality lithium silicate products to help bring your flooring dream to life.

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