How Do You Use Ready Mix Mortar?

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How Do You Use Ready Mix Mortar? | Bisley International

Ready-mix mortar is a binding paste or powder used in numerous construction operations such as filling gaps and wall construction. For over twenty years, Bisley International has been a leader in the dry mixing sector. We have continuously supported numerous ready mix mortar operations, such as flooring, tile repairs, among others. If you are wondering how ready mix mortar can be useful in all those activities, follow keenly.

There are different types of mortar mixes. They primarily depend on the materials that compose the mix. The mixes also vary depending on the mix ratios. These mix variations include cement mortar, lime mortar, surkhi mortar, and cement lime mortar.

Ready Mix Mortar Applications

You can use ready mix mortar in small domestic constructions as well as multi-storey projects. It is time-saving as there is no need to execute the mixing yourself. Regular mixing requires the use of dry ingredients such as cement and sand. It is a tedious process, especially in measuring the ingredients. Also, you have to blend the dry cement with other mortar components until all the cement mixes and forms a smooth paste.

Its primary utilization is bedding bricks and stones to form walls. However, it is a versatile option as it is compatible with normal building materials such as Portland cement, concrete aggregates, and admixtures. Ready-mix mortar has a wide range of applications in the building and construction sector. They include:

  • Bedding roof tiles- You can use a dried factory-produced ready mix mortar in bedding roof tiles. A mechanical mixer can be appropriate in mixing the mortar mix content. In case of hand mixing, add water until you achieve the workable degree. Appropriate addition of water can minimize mortar sticking. Ready-mix mortar has optimum usage results after 90 minutes of adding water.
  • Repairs- Buildings are prone to partial damages over time. Ready-mix mortar is effective in concrete repairs. You can use it to repair patches and create a strong bond in the damaged regions. Also, rather than mixing part cement and part sand, you can use ready mix mortar in repointing a wall. After repair, it can take 24-48 hours for the mortar mix to dry.
  • DIY projects- Ready mix mortar is an admix of masonry cement and graded sand. Thus, it has vast applications in DIY projects such as constructing troughs, moulds, and flower vessels, among others.
  • Masonry construction- You can use mortar mix in various construction jobs such as building walls, binding stones, bricks, flooring, and plastering.

Final Word

At Bisley, we recognize the imperative role that ready mix mortar plays in the construction sector. We are proud to serve the construction industry with self-leveling floors, repair, and patching mortars, floor polishing, industrial grouts, among others. We also supply other essentials such as cementitious materials, retarders, accelerators, and mix additives. Please get in touch with us at Bisley International for pocket-friendly purchases of your construction materials.

Bisley International supplies a wide range of dry-mix mortar for a variety of applications.