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Calcium Stearate in construction

Calcium stearate is a chemical compound consisting of calcium salt and stearic acid. This white, silky powder is obtained from the reaction of stearic acid with calcium hydroxide or calcium oxide.
Calcium stearate is commonly used as a lubricant, release agent, and stabilizer in various formulation processes, including the paint and plastics industries. This compound offers many desirable properties, such as high resistance to water, non-toxicity, and solid stability under high temperatures, making it indispensable in many industries.

Common Applications of Calcium Stearate

Most common applications of calcium stearate include the following:

Calcium Stearates In Plastics

Calcium stearate serves as an internal lubricant agent during PVC (production of polyvinyl chloride) processing. It helps reduce friction between PVC particles, enabling them to flow more easily, which can improve the melt flow properties of the material.

This lubricating effect enhances the PVC processing efficiency and prevents issues like melt fracture or surface defects. It also prevents the polymer from sticking to the processing equipment, such as moulds and extrusion dies.

Calcium stearate can also be used as a heat stabilizer in plastics processing. It improves heat resistance to ensure stability and durability during high-temperature processing. As a release agent, calcium stearate helps facilitate easy removal from moulds, cutting production time and increasing efficiency.

Calcium Stearate In Paints

Calcium stearate has many uses in paints. It can act as an anti-settling agent to prevent pigment formation, increasing consistency and shelf life. This can also help maintain stability and homogeneity. As an anti-foaming agent, calcium stearate helps reduce the development of foam during paint manufacturing and application.

It can also be used as a matting or flatting agent to reduce the gloss of the paint surface and produce a desirable matte finish in automotive and architectural coatings. Adding calcium stearate to paint formulations can help you achieve a more matte finish, depending on the concentration used.

Calcium Stearate in Concrete

Calcium stearate is an essential ingredient in many concrete products. As a water repellent, this compound helps reduce water absorption, improving durability and longevity. When added to concrete products, calcium stearate can help reduce white crystalline deposits, boosting aesthetics.

Calcium stearate acts as an entraining air agent to facilitate the formation of air bubbles, enhancing workability and freeze-thaw resistance. It can also be used as an admixture in the production of concrete. It prevents the sticking of the concrete to the forms during the casting process, enhancing the release of the concrete from moulds.

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