More Uses for Potassium Silicate

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Potassium silicate is either a white solid or a colourless chemical and generated by melting and freezing potassium carbonate mixed with silica sand. We dissolve this colourless glass with hot water to create a solution with a thickness of between 1.3 to 1.4. It is important to always adhere to safety precautions like wearing special protective goggles and safety gloves due to its high PH. The high PH can irritate the eyes, skin, and tissue layers.

Let’s have a look at the various uses of this solution within many industries.


We use the solution in compost to increase photosynthesis in plants. It also boosts plant growth resulting in higher supply and worth and, it enhances pollination and generative capacity. It also makes plants more resistant to pests by building more robust plant walls.

Welding Rods

This solution’s good joining properties and steady heat make it ideal for welding rods made from mild, low hydrogen and stainless steel. It has a higher resistance against tensioning and minor lengthening of the weld metal.

TV Screens

We mix phosphor with potassium silicate solution, add it to a tube filled with an electrolyte solution such as strontium silicate. The gel that shapes around the phosphor particles settle at the bottom of the tube. It ensures uniform films, black and white, colour, and colour projection TV screens.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products that contain this solution increases the cleaning action of soaps and detergents. We do it by incorporating a surfactant with a higher interaction with oil and grease. It also makes these products anti-corrosive, thus protecting metal surfaces.


When we use this cement solution, it doesn’t stick to the trowel and holds bricks in place while settling. It can also withstand higher heat which is beneficial in refractory cement. Sodium silicate is helpful as a binding factor in cement and rough wheels. Since it is better at resisting acid, it also has higher durability.


Potassium silicate is helpful as coatings for brick, concrete, and stone. It prevents crystalline deposits on surfaces that can block the pores, making it ideal for binding roofing granules. We can also use it to harden and dustproof concrete.

Drilling for oil and gas

Drilling fluids with this solution provides stability, lower consumption, minimal corrosion, and better cement binding. It is better for the environment than traditional oil-based drilling fluids.

Catalyst support

Potassium silicate acts as a catalyst agent, by increasing chemical reactions, without undergoing any itself. Careful analysis of the type of catalyst determines the type of silicate agent required.


We can see that potassium silicate has many uses in many industries. It ranges from detergents, adhesives, and paints, to industrial products and raw materials. But due to its high PH, correct safety procedures should be put into place while handling this solution.

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