Raw Materials for Drywall and Gypsum Putty

Raw Materials for Drywall and Gypsum Putty | Bisley International

Bisley have been suppliers to the drywall/plasterboard industry for over three decades, offering a range of dispersants / wetting agents, accelerators, air-entrainers, de-foamers, retarders and specialty additives for gypsum putty.

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    Potassium sulfate is a highly soluble accelerator in gypsum systems.

    Potassium Sulfate TDS Potassium Sulfate SDS


    TIBP is a highly soluble defoamer and anti-foaming agent. Excellent ability to both destroy foam and act as a foam inhibitor.


    Dispersants/ Wetting Agents

    Foaming Agents

    Bisley carries a range of powder additives for air-entrainment and foam generation. Foaming agents can play a major role in reducing the density of the drywall (gypsum board), which allows for ease of handling, thermal insulation, sound proofing, shorter drying times and savings in raw material costs.

    AirEntrain 90 TDS AirEntrain 93 TDS

    Functional Fillers

    Modified starches are effective thixotropic agents which impart anti-sag properties, improving cohesion of the gypsum matrix. Modified starches are suitable for use in renders, tile adhesives and gypsum putties. Bisley supply tapioca and maize derived starches, others are available upon enquiry.

    Gypsum Starch (Maize) TDS Gypsum Starch (Modified Tapioca Starch) TDS


    Synthetic L+ and DL tartaric acid are available as a free-flowing powder (with anti-cake) and in granular form. Tartaric acid is an extremely effective retarder (especially for alumina cement systems) at very low dosages.

    Tartaric Acid TDS Tartaric Acid SDS

    Specialty Additives

    Plaster mixtures containing STMP can improve compressive strengths of the boards as well as mechanical stability. STMP has been shown to have an excellent effect on reducing sag deflection. STMP does not have the effect of retarding the setting, meaning it does not increase the re-conversion rate of calcined plaster into calcium sulfate dihydrate.

    Sodium Trimetaphosphate Technical Grade TDS Sodium Trimetaphosphate SDS