The Application of Titanium Dioxide in Paints & Coatings and PVC

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Titanium is a metallic element used for multiple industrial processes. It naturally interacts with oxygen to produce titanium oxides, often found in indigenous dust, soils, and ores. Pure titanium dioxide (TiO2) primarily exists as a fine white powder that provides a white pigment used in various applications.

TiO2 has been used for years as an additive in a variety of industrial products, including PVC and paints & coatings. Experts from Bisley International have prepared an in-depth analysis of titanium dioxide, its applications, and the available options in the market.

Pigment Grade Titanium Dioxide for PVC

The plastic industry is one of the many sectors that use TiO2 extensively. TiO2 has outstanding features such as high hiding power and pigment characteristics that help enhance its application in plastics. It increases heat resistance, weather resistance, and light resistance of PVC products, protecting them from UV rays.

It also improves the electrical performance and mechanical capacity of plastic products. Besides having high tinting strength and covering power, the plastic films are much thicker than paint coatings, so they don’t need as high of a pigment concentration.

Titanium dioxide is used in almost all thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics, including polystyrene, polyolefins, and polyvinyl chloride. You can use TiO2 in different ways, such as mixing with a solution containing a plasticizer, dry resin powder, or process it into a color masterbatch before processing and shaping.

Titanium Dioxide for Paints and Coatings

Like in PVC, titanium dioxide is the ideal white pigment to help you obtain intense whiteness and covering power in paints and coatings. This is because of its high refractive index and the ability to be transparent to visible light. What makes titanium dioxide even more attractive is its spherical shape, particles of the right size, and provides a range of post-treatment options.

Experts recommend exploring titanium dioxide’s selection, scattering efficiency, performance ratio, and optimization to attain the desirable hiding power and color strength in your formulations. The purpose of titanium oxide is to provide opacity and brightness as well as enhance durability in exterior paints. However, its effectiveness as an opacifier or brightener is significantly impacted by the paint-making process and the formulation specifications.

There are many benefits of using TiO2 in PVC products. As an excellent rutile pigment, TiO2 usually produces clean, brilliant tints, imparts neutral tone and maximum brightness in white coatings and is economical. In addition, titanium dioxide is easily dispersed and follows the requirements of modern production procedures, and can produce high-gloss, low-haze coatings. Most importantly, it works well with all water-borne, oil, and solvent paints & coatings for exterior use.

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