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Lithium hydroxide is an alkali metal hydroxide commonly used in a variety of industrial applications. It is an inorganic compound that exists in a hydrated and anhydrous form, both of which are white, crystalline solids soluble in water.

One of the primary uses of lithium is in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, often used in electronic devices such as electric vehicles, smartphones, and laptops. Lithium hydroxide has many other uses in various industries, as explained below.

Lithium Hydroxide In The Concrete Industry

Lithium is widely used in the concrete industry to alter and control the setting properties of cement formulations. The major use of lithium compounds in concrete applications is related to lithium salts, such as lithium carbonate, lithium nitrate, and lithium hydroxide monohydrate. In most cases, these salts are used as chemical admixtures in concrete to enhance specific properties, such as strength and durability.

Lithium compounds can be used as set accelerators to speed up the setting time of concrete. This can be beneficial in specific construction scenarios, such as dry mix applications where a quick setting time is desired, this includes self leveling floors, grouts and other cementitious mixes.

Lithium Hydroxide In The Grease Industry

In the grease industry, lithium hydroxide is used as a thickener or gelling agent for lithium-based greases. These greases are widely used in various industrial, marine, and automotive applications. They are lubricating materials featuring a base oil and a thickening agent, which is responsible for giving grease its semi-solid consistency and improving its adhesion properties.

Lithium compounds are some of the most commonly used thickening agents in producing lithium-based greases. These compounds react with fatty acids, during saponification. This process produces lithium soap, which serves as the thickener in the grease.

The lithium soap created during the saponification process has a needle-like structure, which thickens the base and provides the desired consistency. Lithium-based greases typically have great mechanical stability, excellent dropping points, and good water resistance. They also show high resistance to oxidation, shear forces, and corrosion, making them suitable for various applications, especially in industrial and automotive industries.

In addition, lithium hydroxide can be used as a neutralizing agent to control the acidity of the base oil in greases. As a result, it helps improve the stability and performance of the grease by minimizing the corrosive effects of acidic compounds that may develop during operation.

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