What Are Phosphonates Used For?

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Phosphonates are a type of salt from the family of phosphonic acid. Phosphonate occurs naturally, and they are commonly used in a lot of industries because of the special chemical structure that makes it rather easy to work with them.

These salts are used in industrial cleaners, to form other biological compounds, fungicides, rust removes, improve bleaching for the pulp and paper industry, are present in oil fields as gellants, and are used as intermediates in the production of synthetic DNA.

Phosphonates in the Construction Industry

Construction workers likely know about phosphonates in their role as concrete retarders that help delay cement setting time, offering the workers more time for their application times. When phosphate is added to the cement mixture, sites get a longer time frame to pour the concrete as well as a much better distribution of heat over a longer time which prevents cracks caused by high temperatures.

The salts yield several benefits for the concrete:

  • Enhanced strength
  • Better frost resistance
  • Higher sulphate resistance, etc.

But, phosphonates can be used in water treatment as well, thanks to their impressive ability to stabilize, chelate metal ions, and inhibit corrosion. This is especially useful when trying to protect the concrete from carbonates, sulphates, and phosphates.

Additionally, phosphonate solutions are great scale inhibitors and prevent corrosion for cooling water systems, greatly helping prolong their shelf life.

The Current Shortage of Yellow Phosphorus

Currently, there is a global shortage of yellow phosphorus, used to produce many products such as water treatment chemicals, detergents, and even some phosphonates. Most yellow phosphorus is produced in China, but the prolonged dry period in the region has led to a delayed and staggered product of this compound, which has unfortunately caused a market shortage worldwide.

Because demand has not decreased, contractors can expect an increase in price at least in the short-term as the country’s production can gain more momentum later on.

However, Bisley International collaborates with individuals present in key source countries and markets, which has allowed us to preserve our supply of phosphonates. This enables us to support our clients with phosphonates products in spite of the global shortage.

Bisley International Is Here to Assist You and Your Project

The Bisley International team provides contractors and construction sites with the phosphonates they need to carry out their activity and successfully complete their projects. Our selection includes both cement set retarders (ATMP and PBTC), and water treatment (BHMT, DTPMP, HEDPS, HPAA and PAPEMP).

However, if you require a different type of phosphonate, we may be able to accommodate it as well, so feel free to ask the Bisley team about any special product you might need to complete your projects.

We encourage you to reach out to the Bisley International team online or call us at +1 (844) 424 7539 for any questions about our services or phosphonate products.