What Are The Uses Of Calcium Formate?

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Calcium formate is a calcium salt commonly obtained by reacting calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide with formic acid. It appears as a white, crystalline powder that is highly soluble in water. This compound has a variety of uses in construction, industrial and agricultural applications.

This compound is valued for its unique properties, such as compatibility, solubility, and heat resistance. The most common uses of calcium formate include the following:


Calcium formate has many uses in the construction industry. It is primarily used as an additive in grout and cement to accelerate the curing process and improve the strength of the final product.

When added to concrete formulations, calcium formate can enhance the early strength development of the material. This is beneficial in applications where rapid strength gain is needed, such as rapid-setting repairs and precast concrete products.

Adding calcium formate to concrete mixtures can also help decrease water demand, allowing for a lower water-to-cement ratio. This leads to improved workability and a more durable final product. Additionally, calcium formate can contribute to the overall durability of concrete by minimizing the permeability of the concrete formulations.


In agriculture, calcium formate is typically used as an animal feed additive. It is added to livestock feed to provide a supplemental source of calcium, which is vital for skeletal growth and muscle contractions. When added to animal feed, calcium formate ensures sufficient calcium absorption for livestock, especially during periods of high calcium demand like lactation and pregnancy.

This compound can also help prevent and treat calcium deficiency-related issues in livestock, which can cause muscle weakness and other health issues. Calcium formate can help stimulate the growth and overall health of livestock by promoting optimal skeletal development, muscle function, and nutrient absorption.

Leather Industry

In the leather industry, calcium formate is primarily used as a bating agent in the leather tanning process. Bating is the treatment of hides with enzymes to remove unwanted protein materials such as leftover flesh and hair roots. This leads to a cleaner and more uniform leather.

Calcium formate is used as a pH regulator and buffering agent to adjust and stabilize the pH of the leather during different stages of the tanning process. This helps maintain the desired pH range, which is essential for optimal protein structure and the efficiency of subsequent tanning operations.

Gypsum-Based Materials

Calcium formate serves as a fire-retardant additive in gypsum-based materials like drywall and gypsum boards. When included in these materials, calcium formate helps improve the flame-retardant and fire-resistance properties of the final product.

This compound also has a high heat absorption ability. It can take up heat from the fire, preventing it from spreading to other parts of the gypsum material or the surrounding environment.

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