What is Admixture in Construction?

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What is Admixture in Construction? | Bisley International

Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials globally. Generally, it’s prepared by mixing four ingredients—cement, water, sand, and aggregate. But this mixture is just regular concrete and doesn’t have any unique properties to satisfy modern construction needs. That said, admixture in construction is the addition of natural or artificial materials to concrete mixes to improve their quality. 

At Bisley, we provide different admixture solutions for all types of concrete. Our admixtures can help increase concrete workability, boost or delay initial setting times, reduce the concrete’s water content, and manage the water-cement ratio.

Types of concrete admixtures

  • Chemical admixtures
  • Mineral admixtures

Chemical admixtures

These are added to the concrete mixture to improve its quality during mixing, curing, placement, and transportation. They can also offer high compressive strength, wear resistance, and durability to modern structures.

Ultimately, chemical admixtures improve concrete quality, decrease construction costs, and enhance the properties of hardened concrete. This type of admixtures can be categorized into;

  • Low range, mid-range, & high range superplasticizers
  • Conventional and mid-range water reducers
  • Air entrainers
  • Set accelerating admixtures
  • Specialty admixtures—for shrinkage control, colouring, corrosive inhibitors, and more
  • Set retarders

Mineral admixtures

These are added to the hardened concrete to reduce possible cracking and improve the workability and sustainability of fresh concrete. They usually affect the properties of concrete through pozzolanic or hydraulic activity. They include silica fume, slags, fly ash, rice husk ash, metakaolin, and natural pozzolans, such as volcanic ash. 

Essentially, using mineral admixtures is beneficial in many ways. They can increase concrete strength, reduce permeability, influence specific properties, and make concrete mixtures more economical. You can use these admixtures as blended cement or with Portland cement.

Functions of Admixtures in Construction

Concrete admixtures are used in construction to modify and improve concrete properties. The major benefits of using these compounds in your concrete are highlighted below:

  • Water reducing admixtures help improve the behaviour and quality of fresh concrete. A full range of workability enhancers, superplasticizers, and plasticizers are available at Bisley.
  • Air entraining admixtures improve concrete durability and aid curing.
  • Set-retarding admixtures tailor the operation time of fresh concrete to specific requirements. 
  • Water reduction admixtures play a significant role in reducing the amount of water required and ensure reinforced concrete. 
  • Admixtures can also enhance the colour of the concrete.
  • Accelerating admixtures like Aluminium Sulfate, Sodium Aluminate, and Calcium Nitrate help achieve quick and sufficient concrete production without affecting the overall quality. 
  • Some admixtures enable auto prestressing of steel as well as expansion of concrete.
  • They help minimize chemical reactions. 
  • Shrinkage-reducing admixtures help offset shrinkage during concrete hardening and setting times. 

Top-shelf Quality Services at Bisley International

Concrete admixtures are the most durable, high-performance, and beautiful construction ingredients produced today. At Bisley Group, we’re committed to providing top-quality raw materials to help you overcome the challenges of modern concrete technology. Above all, our local sales team is always available to address your concerns and deliver products to your doorstep with high proficiency and first-class logistics.

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