What is ammonium chloride used for?

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ammonium chloride

Ammonium chloride is a versatile chemical compound with applications in various industries. In this article, we’ll explore its diverse uses, from enhancing soldering to contributing to rocket fuel.

Ammonium Chloride in Soldering

Corrosion Protection and Strong Bonds

Ammonium chloride is crucial in soldering fluxes for several reasons:

  • Flux Residue Removal: It helps remove oxide coatings from metal surfaces, ensuring a strong solder bond.
  • Improved Solder Flow: By reducing solder surface tension, it facilitates smooth solder flow.
  • Preventing Corrosion: It prevents corrosive residues from affecting soldered joints.

Ammonium Chloride in Galvanizing

Enhancing Corrosion Resistance

Ammonium chloride plays a pivotal role in the galvanizing process:

  • Galvanized Coatings: In hot-dip galvanizing, it serves as an electrolyte, creating a protective zinc coating on steel, enhancing corrosion resistance.
  • Oxide Coating Removal: It eliminates oxide coatings on metal surfaces before galvanizing.

Beyond Metals: Rocket Fuel and More

Expanding Applications

Ammonium chloride’s versatility extends to rocket fuel, where it acts as an oxidizer, enabling high-temperature gas release for propulsion. It is also used as a starting reagent for some types of rocket fuel.

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Ammonium chloride’s multifaceted applications make it indispensable in various industries. Whether you’re involved in manufacturing, research, or simply curious about chemistry, understanding its versatility is key. For sourcing high-quality ammonium chloride and other chemicals, turn to Bisley International, your trusted partner in providing raw materials for your specific needs. Explore the benefits of ammonium chloride in your industry today.