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Calcium aluminate cement is a type of cement made from a mixture of alumina and limestone at high temperatures. It has a long history of successful use in specialized cement applications, especially where resistance to very high temperatures, sulfates, and mild acids and alkalis are necessary. Calcium aluminate cement can also work well where solid strengthening is required.

Calcium aluminate cement mainly consists of monocalcium aluminate, other calcium aluminates, and a couple of less reactive phases obtained from the raw materials’ impurities. When applied as a specialty binder, calcium aluminate displays excellent resistance to corrosion, heat, and abrasion. Here are the typical applications of calcium aluminate cement in various settings.

Sewer Applications

Calcium aluminate cement is often used as coatings and linings for sewer pipes and water waste applications. They also provide enhanced resistance to abrasion, acid, and biogenic corrosion, which can help extend the work life of sewer pipes. The calcium aluminate resistance is applied in ductile iron pipes for wastewater, concrete pipes for sewerage, and rehabilitation of sewer infrastructures.

High Heat Refractory Applications

Calcium aluminate cement can be used as binders in high-temperature refractory applications requiring high strength. These binders are also used to regulate acid-resistant applications and quick setting mixtures.

In most cases, cement with large alumina content is used, which is capable of integrating precision-grade aggregates within the green state. Once the combination heats up, cement mixes with the aggregate to form a refractory matrix.

Various types of refractory products like silicon carbide, tabular alumina, chamotte, and bauxite are utilized in castables. Refractory aggregates are selected according to the properties exhibited by an application.

Building Chemistry Products

Calcium aluminate cement is used in a wide range of building chemistry products, including tile adhesive, tile grouts, rapid floor screeds, bedding mortars, sealers, and floor leveling compounds. Calcium aluminate is mixed with Portland cement to create the mineral base of these chemical products. The mineral base may include a blend of admixtures, polymers, slag, lime, and light calcareous material.

Chemical Resistant Concretes

The aggregate of concrete produced by combining calcium aluminate can be at lower temperatures in refractory cement. The concrete can also display increased resistance to abrasion as well as sulfate attack.

Calcium aluminate is also widely used for creating chemical-resistant concrete often used in materials like industrial floorings. In addition, calcium aluminate can be added to construction concrete that needs robust strength development, even at low temperatures.

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