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Calcium Nitrite [Ca(NO2)2] is a white crystalline chemical compound made up of calcium, oxygen, and nitrogen. It’s a powerful oxidizing agent primarily used as a corrosion inhibitor and an antifreeze. Calcium nitrite is typically made by treating calcium oxide with nitric acid.

This reaction produces calcium nitrate, which is then further heated to a high temperature to produce calcium nitrite. The resulting compound is a white crystalline solid that is odorless and soluble in water. It is also stable under ordinary conditions of applications and storage.

Properties of Calcium Nitrite

Calcium nitrite is an oxidizing agent which can react with reducing agents and combustible materials. It acts as a corrosion inhibitor in various industries, including oil and gas, metalworking, and water treatment.

Calcium nitrite has a molecular formula of Ca(NO2)2, a molar mass of 158.08 g/mol, and a melting point of 164°C. This compound decomposes at 280°C.

Uses of Calcium Nitrite

As a Corrosion Inhibitor

Calcium nitrite is used as a corrosion inhibitor in various applications, including cooling systems, boilers, and other industrial processes. The compound forms a protective barrier on metal surfaces, which acts as a shield against corrosive elements.
This protective layer also helps reduce the amount of energy lost during the corrosion process. In addition, calcium nitrite helps to reduce sediment build-up in pipes, which can lead to clogs and further corrosion.


Calcium nitrite generally has a higher boiling point than water, hence can be used as an antifreeze in engines to prevent water from freezing. It can also increase the boiling point of the water, allowing it to remain in liquid form at lower temperatures.


When used in agriculture, calcium nitrate fertilizer provides nitrogen and calcium to plants. It can help reduce the acidity of soils, enhance plant growth, and reduce the amount of damage caused by pests and diseases, increasing the overall health of plants. Calcium nitrite can also help prevent metals from salt corrosion.

Food Additive

Calcium nitrite is widely used as a food additive to help regulate acidity and to prevent spoilage. Since it is generally considered safe for human consumption, it can be used as a dough conditioner, an anti-caking agent, and a food preservative. In addition, calcium nitrite is a good source of calcium for food products.

Cementing Additives

Calcium nitrite is often used in cementing applications. As a cementing additive, it is used to improve the strength of concrete and mortar.
In construction, calcium nitrate and calcium nitrite can be used to help reduce shrinkage and cracking and increase the water resistance and durability of cement-based products. They can also reduce the alkalinity of concrete, which can help protect steel reinforcements from corrosion. Calcium nitrite is also used in antifreeze admixtures, making it a truly multifunctional additive.

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