What Is Dry Mix Concrete?

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Dry mix concrete is made up of cement (usually Portland cement), sand, aggregate, and other additives necessary to get the material. As the name suggests, it does not contain any water or liquids in its composition like wet mix concrete does. Instead, the mix is stored in bags and will only be mixed with others directly at the construction site.

There are many advantages of dry mix concrete, and if you’re interested in this material, check out this short blog from Bisley International.

How Does Dry Mix Concrete Application Work?

Dry-mix concrete is placed into a device that will carry the material through a hose with the help of compressed air. At the point of the nozzle, water is injected through a water ring evenly so that the mixture comes out fully ready to use.

What Is Dry Mix Concrete Used for?

Dry mix concrete is often used for:

  • Tiles
  • Flooring
  • Facades
  • Grouts
  • Concrete repairs or reinforcements

The Advantages of Dry Mix Concrete

  • Getting the Perfect Blend – Dry mix concrete is also known as ready-mix concrete, which offers homeowners and construction sites the possibility to create the perfect blend between materials before their package arrives on the site;
  • Easy to Transport – Another advantage of dry mix concrete is that it is much easier to transport long-distance than wet mix. The bags of dry mix can be simply hauled onto a truck and delivered directly to the construction site, while wet concrete requires special machinery for transportation, and is generally not advised to travel longer distances;
  • Enhanced Quality – This type of cement is greeted in impeccable conditions, which means there is a much higher control regarding its quality. Therefore, the finished results are often much better when dry mix and wet cement;
  • Easy to Restock – If the construction site runs out of this material, the stock can be easily restocked and delivered on-site without this issue affective the construction timeline;
  • Counters Limited Vehicular Access – If the construction site is smaller and cannot accommodate the presence of a larger vehicle, dry mix concrete is the optimal choice to get around this;
  • Increased Efficiency – Small and medium-sized projects rarely warrant the need for a large cement truck. Dry much provides a much more efficient and fast way to finish the project.

Get Your Top Quality Dry Mix at Bisley International

Bisley International provides contractors with a variety of dry mix concrete options that can include top quality cement such as calcium aluminate cement and even calcium sulfoaluminate cement. Additionally, our company can provide you with all the additional tools and accessories you need to successfully complete your project, from retarders to accelerators, fibres, viscosity modifiers, and more.

We encourage you to check out our dry mix options and to reach out to our team for more information about how we can help.