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fumed silica used in optics cables

Fumed Silica, sometimes called pyrogenic silica, is a non-crystalline, colloidal silicon dioxide synthesized by a flame hydrolysis procedure. It comprises a microscopic liquid of amorphous silica-based nanomaterial fused into chainlike 3-dimensional particles, which then mechanically entangle to create agglomerates.
Because of the three-dimensional structure and small diameter of primary particles, fumed silica has an extremely high surface area. Fumed silica is a white, fluffy powder used in many applications across many industries.

Fumed Silica Applications

Fumed silica is widely used in various applications as a filler and flow control additive, thanks to its thickening, anti-sagging, thixotropy control, anti-settling, transparency, and low-density properties. Typical application areas of fumed silica are HTV and RTV silicone resins, cable gels used in fiber optic cables, adhesives, composite materials and coatings, home care products, plant protection, and more. Its refractive index makes it the most favored choice for transparent applications.

Fumed silica is also used in gelcoat and laminating applications to provide reliable rheological control and ensure optimum shear thinning. This powder has two main functions. The first function is a reinforcement to facilitate the strength of various raw materials, enabling them to be used in a range of applications based on the end user’s specific requirements. Secondly, the rheology control function lets users tailor the viscosity of a material to suit their exact specifications.

Fumed silica is used as an anti-sagging, anti-settling, and thickening agent to reinforce composites or films. It also acts as a thickener in milkshakes and a universal thickening and anti-caking agent in powdered food. Because of its light-diffusing characteristics, fused silica is widely used in cosmetic applications. This powder also serves as a light abrasive in various products such as toothpaste.

Additional applications of fumed silica include unsaturated polyester resins, toiletries, food & beverages, sealants, printing inks, coatings, and adhesives. It can also serve as filler in silicone elastomers as well as viscosity adjustments in paints.

Depending on the application and industry, fumed silica products of different particle structures and varying BET surface areas and densities are available. The best part is that these products can be customized to suit specific applications.

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As the leading raw materials supplier in the United States, Bisley International is glad to provide you with high-quality fumed silica products. At Bisley International, we supply Bi-SiL, a high purity (>99.8% silica) anti-caking and free-flowing pure white colloidal powder. It exhibits thickening and thixotropic characteristics when added to cable gels and polar materials like vinyl ester resins and epoxy.

The Bi-SiL fumed silica is available in many different grades with varying surface areas, excellent dispersibility, and PH hydrophobic functionality. Our Bi-SiL hydrophobic fumed silica is widely used in multiple applications, including composite materials, greases, flask resins, adhesives, coatings, cable gels used in fiber optic cables, inks, toners, and sealants.

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