What Is Gilsonite in Drilling

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Gilsonite (asphalt, uintaite, asphaltite, or asphaltum) is a naturally occurring solid resinous rock made from various hydrocarbons with a fairly high melting temperature. Gilsonite is commonly used in drilling mud fluids, asphalt modifiers, and oil well cementing.

Gilsonite increases drilling efficiency, filter development, and wellbore stability. As the key ingredient of drilling fluid products, this rock actively enhances drilling power while cutting costs and reducing the impact related to most drilling fluid additives. It also improves the strength of cementing systems and can be useful in cementing formulations used in mines and wells.

Treated Gilsonite is utilized in water-based drilling fluids to offer shale stability and prevent permeable formations to prevent fluid loss. Available in various grades and formulations, Gilsonite adds a tremendous amount of strength and stability to roads, decreases temperature susceptibility, and increases deformation resistance.

Gilsonite Preparation

Gilsonite is hand-mined in underground sites using jack hammers or other appropriate tools. This pure resinous rock should not be used or stored near products like peroxides, nitrates, and chlorates. Sufficient ventilation is necessary during storage as too much dust is vulnerable to explosion if it interacts with open flames.

What Are the Benefits of Gilsonite in Drilling?

  • Facilitates effective filter cake development
  • Stabilizes shales to minimize fluid loss and seepage
  • Reduces differential sticking
  • Prevents lost circulation
  • Strengthens the wellbore for improved stability
  • Performs both water-based and oil-based drilling muds

Properties of Gilsonite

Unique bonding

Gilsonite develops a unique chemical and physical bond with porous formations, developing an effective cover to block the passage of drilling fluids. Thus, it acts as both solid plugging and a malleable agent to prevent lost circulation, fluid loss, and seepage and shields reactive shale surfaces.

An effective additive to avoid differential sticking

Gilsonite extensively seals permeable formations to help reduce the occurrence of stuck pipes and logging tools.

Increased strength

Certain wells and shales, especially those under pressured areas, need specialized wellbore strengthening strategies and drilling fluids. Adding Gilsonite can help enhance strength by maintaining interbedding formation intact, regulating pore pressure transmission, providing consistent protecting sealant, and creating an effective filter cake.

Cement made with Gilsonite is ideal for blocking an abandoned pipeline, excavations, or a tunnel containing Portland cement. A cementitious system created from the cement mix may have less density but still show good compressive strength.

Environmental benefits

Gilsonite occurs naturally, which gives it many health benefits over synthetic options. Unlike synthetic products like coal, Gilsonite is non-toxic, non-mutagenic, and non-carcinogenic.

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