What Is Lithium Grease Best Used for?

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Lithium was first released during World War ll and was, therefore, the first commercialized production of lithium compounds. The substance is a mixture of oil and soap. The soap that gets dispersed into the oil will create this grease. The added additives will create different types of grease that could be used for different types of applications. Let’s look at some of the uses of this grease.

Automotive Industry

Lithium is used for many purposes, either in your home as well as in the automotive industry. It’s water-resistant and tolerant of high pressures which makes it great to use on vehicles. It can be used on the following car parts to prevent steel-on-steel friction and to help with the longevity of the vehicle:

  • Door hinges and locks
  • Seat tracks and latches
  • Lubricating gears and strike plates
  • Distributor cams and battery terminals
  • Windshield wipers to prevent sticking
  • Radio antenna aerials
  • CV joints
  • Chassis and wheel bearings
  • Non-disc brake wheel bearings or drums

Industrial Uses and Agricultural Uses

It can be used for certain machinery that mass produces products that are in high demand. In agriculture, trucks and equipment may work in harsh weather conditions, and lithium will certainly relieve the damage done to this machinery.

In Your Home and on Appliances That Make Squealing Sounds

It’s great to get rid of those squealing sounds that metal appliances make because of age. A kitchen trash compactor when not properly greased can make a loud squeaking sound. You can find the same annoying squeaking sound just about anywhere on metal appliances like garage doors or when you ride your bicycle or motorcycle, which occurs when the shocks get too dry.

Marina or Offshore Industries

You can also use it in the marina. There’s always a chance that your boat may need it. It’s great to prevent corrosion on surfaces which you’ll certainly need since marinas are known for their corrosion. Boat trailers and wheel bearings will require water-resistant grease.
Especially in situations where your machinery may be exposed to shock, pressure or heavy loads. This water-resistant grease with its pressure additives will work charmingly.


Lithium grease is the grease for lubrication. White lithium will help you on many surfaces whether it’s a small appliance in your home or a heavy-duty appliance in the marine or industrial, agricultural, or automotive industries. There are no two ways about it, lithium is multi-purpose as it remains strong no matter what conditions we throw at it. You can use it in high temperatures, in water, on vertical surfaces on a hot day, or on a cold day. It doesn’t matter, lithium will prevail and ensure anti-corrosion, friction plus it will take away that annoying squeaky sound some metal appliances make with age.

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