What Is Lithium Hydroxide Used for

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Lithium is a crucial component of the lithium-ion batteries that power Evs. Right now, most producers use lithium carbonate for battery applications, but that’s about to change as lithium hydroxide is gaining more market.

Here’s why.

What Is Lithium Hydroxide

Lithium hydroxide (LiOH) is a compound obtained from the reaction of lithium carbonate with calcium hydroxide. It is generally used for making lithium salts, also known as soaps, of stearic and other fatty acids.

What Is Lithium Hydroxide Used for?

As mentioned above, lithium hydroxide is used in the manufacturing of lithium salts of stearic and additional fatty acids. These are then used as a thickener in lubricating grease. Lithium grease has multi-purpose properties. It has high temperature and water resistance and it can also sustain extreme pressures, making it suitable for various industries. It is especially used in the automotive and automobile industry.

They are also used as an additive in the electrolyte of alkaline batteries. It’s also known to be a carbon dioxide scrubber.

The Role of Lithium Hydroxide in the EV Market

As the electric vehicle market is increasing, so does the demand for lithium compounds. Experts estimate that the demand for lithium will double by the end of 2025 and with that, we should also see an increase in lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide.

Why lithium hydroxide you may ask since up until now most battery producers have been using lithium carbonate for battery applications.

Batteries need cathodes that use raw materials. Lithium hydroxide is an essential cathode raw material, but its supply is lower than lithium carbonate. Even so, battery manufactures that are still considering using this compound instead of lithium carbonate.

That’s because lithium hydroxide offers more benefits, such as better power density, which translates into more battery capacity, better safety features, and longer life cycles.

Tesla is already using lithium hydroxide for its batteries and other EV manufacturers are sure to follow suit. And, it makes perfect sense to jump ships if you think about it. The batteries are the lifeblood of an electrical vehicle, so it’s paramount that producers go for the raw materials that give them better power density and, hence, more range.

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