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Titanium is a metal often found in animals and plants. It naturally reacts with oxygen to produce titanium oxides, usually found in indigenous dust, soils, sands, and ores.

Understanding Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) or Titania is an inorganic white, opaque pigment, naturally occurring in various crystalline forms, including anatase and rutile. Titanium dioxide is odorless and water-soluble. It’s commonly used as a prime pigment in lending opacity and whiteness.

It’s also an active ingredient in sunscreen, which works as a UV filtering component in sunscreen to help protect the skin by preventing the absorption of the sun’s UV light that causes sunburn.

Titanium Dioxide Uses

In its natural state, titanium dioxide is a white powder that delivers a dazzling white pigment. It is widely used in various consumer and industrial products, including adhesives, plastics and rubber, coatings, paint, coated fabrics and textiles, printing inks, and ceramics. Adding this pigment to plastics provides incredible whiteness and other functional benefits, such as heat stability, weathering resistance, high hiding power, and UV stability.

Titanium dioxide helps achieve excellent whiteness and brightness in paints and coatings. Other applications include cosmetics, roofing materials, floor coverings, automotive products, food coolants, catalysts, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment applications.

Usually, titanium dioxide is made in two types. The pigment-grade titanium dioxide, the primary form, comprises nearly 98% of the entire production. The other form is the Ultrafine-grade (Nanoscale Titanium Dioxide), often used when specific properties like transparency and optimal UV light absorption are needed.

Pigment-grade Titanium Dioxide

This form of Pigment-grade titanium dioxide is utilized in applications that require exclusive brightness and opacity. It is primarily used in the following applications.

  • Cosmetics – It is used in cosmetics to help in concealing blemishes and lighten the skin. Pigment-grade titanium dioxide supports the use of fine coatings of make-up products to the desired effect.
  • Paintings and coatings – It enhances durability and opacity by protecting the painted surface.
  • Food products – Due to its valuable benefits, titanium dioxide protects food, pharmaceuticals, and supplements from premature degradation. High grades can be used in capsule coatings, drug tablets, and as a decorative agent in certain foods.
  • Plastic and rubber – In plastic and rubber applications, titanium dioxide can help reduce the cracking, fading, and brittleness that can occur in plastic materials due to light exposure.

Ultrafine-Grade Titanium Dioxide

  • Catalyst – This form of titanium dioxide is used to support catalyst applications. For example, ultrafine-grade titanium dioxide is used in power stations to eliminate nitrous oxides and in automotive applications to reduce toxic gas emissions.
  • Sunscreen – Ultrafine-grade titanium dioxide is an excellent UV light absorber since it’s transparent to light. This helps create a barrier for UV light, protecting the skin from harmful rays. In addition, experts suggest that using sunscreens rich in titanium dioxide can reduce the chance of developing skin cancer.

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