Why Is Lithium Used in Greases?

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What Is White Lithium Grease ?

This is grease in a sprayable aerosol can. The reason for this innovation was the motor vehicle industry. They have to put grease in tiny spaces and it can be uncomfortable if you have to apply it manually, but with the aerosol, all those tiny places will be greased up with no broken fingers.

Why Is Grease So Essential?

Grease is very essential in the motor vehicle industry because:

  • It eliminates steel on steel friction.
  • Because grease is so dense, it’s the best material to use since the surface will stay greasy for a long time.
  • It’s water and dust resistant.
  • Grease can operate in a bigger variety of temperatures which is very necessary since the heat of cars can rise dramatically.

What’s the Difference Between Lithium Gas and Grease?

Grease is an oil with added thickener, whereas, with white lithium gas, the lithium will act as the thickener. The lithium will make the oil more structurally stable so that it won’t drip on vertical surfaces. As time goes by, the white lithium gas will release small amounts of oil as the surfaces get ready to absorb the oil. Just like grease, the gas is also water-resistant and can work in -25C° to 130C°.The pros of using lithium in grease are stipulated as follows:

  • It has better water resistance,
  • It can still work in extreme pressures
  • It’s a lubricating grease that is sprayable
  • It’s a complex grease with low water solubility because of it’s extra added ingredient, lithium stearate.

What Can it Be Used for?

Grease for lubrication is what the lithium gas is mainly used for – with the added benefit of being able to operate on heavy-duty machinery, and because it’s white lithium it has the added advantage of being great on hard-to-reach surfaces. It can be used to make bearings, pistons, and camshafts easily adapt to their new location. It’s good on anything that needs water resistance. And if you don’t want a lot of messy dripping when working on vertical surfaces, white lithium gas will be perfect. It’s also perfect if you want to prevent corrosion. It can be used for garage doors or sliding doors, which operate with a lot of friction. It’s also been used in marine applications to lubricate various structures like the throttle, door hinges, and steering cables. Anything that has friction like swivel brackets and loader winch gears could probably use some white lithium gas.


Grease and lithium gas have many advantages. Normal grease will do just fine with some surfaces, but on more tricky surfaces white lithium gas will be more user-friendly and convenient. Everybody that fears corrosion to people that work on vehicles or boats use white lithium gas. It’s a multi-purpose product and is so versatile and adaptable to weather changes.

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