Wood Preservation Additives

Wood Preservation Additives | Bisley International

The Bisley group is active in a wide range of chemicals encompassing many end uses. Bisley caters for diverse customer requirements, from highly specialised products sold in drum lots, to liquids in IBCs, and multi thousand tonne bulk cargoes.

Wood preservation chemicals are supplied by Bisley International to protect woods from the attack of decay fungi, harmful insects, or marine borers by applying chemical preservatives. Bisley International supplies multinational producers with Arsenic Trioxide for the manufacture of CCA (Copper Chrome Arsenic) wood treatments.

As logistics plays such a large role in successful distribution of basic chemicals, Bisley have developed expertise in shipping all forms of cargo - containerised, break-bulk and full bulk - hence minimising costs and maximising convenience to our customers. We hold local stocks of most products, ensuring prompt deliveries and security of supply.

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    Wood Preservation